• GW5545-A Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine is suitable for various kinds of products.it is
    assembled  by 4 units :Automatic loading convey table;Automatic cutting and sealing unit;Heat circulating
    shrink tunnel ;Automatic unloading convey table.this composition has the advantage of high efficiency and low
    cost,it is an idea production for printing and packing industry .


    1Four units can be separately move according the layout of the site.
    1 Automatic loading convey table.
    2.Sealing and cutting part,integrated controlled by electric eye and timer  ,to adjust  according the packages
    automatically .

    There are 2 group electric eye,horizontal and vertical ,easy for change, to ensure   cutting, sealing stability.
    Teflon coating blade,continuous cutting with Constant temperature ,reached the speed of 1 meter per second,
    high speed cutting with good effect ,and no adhesion, continuous sealing, zero pollution.

    Thermal cycle contraction tunnel. thermal control integration. The wind direction can be adjusted freely,double
    layer insulation curtain,to ensure energy saving, constant temperature, uniform heating.
    4.The electric control part adopts the well-known brands, such as Panasonic, Omron, IFM and so on.
    GW5545-A Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine