• Specification:
    GWBT50 4D Ellipse Binding Machine is an economic and environmental glue binder developed to
    replace the straight thread binder in accordance with real status of domestic and overseas printing and glue
    binding industries. It has 4 book clamps, can coat the primer twice, control front and back glue and make
    stepless speed changing, thus is the most advanced semi-automatic elliptic binder in China.

    When it works, the book core is offered manually, then raking, grooving, side gluing, cover packing, cover
    impressing, finished-products output.

    This machine adopts multi advanced techniques such as speed control by frequency variation, PID
    temperature control, photoelectric identification, etc.. It also adopts imported electric elements, which can
    enhance the dependability of the machine greatly. It is convenient to operate and adjust, and is perfected by
    the attached paper scraps suction device. This machine not only can be used as either thread or perfect
    binding, so it is an ideal equipment for perfect or thread book binding in various printing house and bindery.
    GWBT50 4D Ellipse Binding Machine