• Specification:
    GWBT50 4E Ellipse Glue-Binding Covering Machine is high-tech glue-binding covering machine in
    21st century, which is driven by 4 book end chain form,and avoids the too much driving momentum in
    traditional disk covering machine and the intermittent problems easily happened between the axes.

    This machine uses frequency conversion speed adjustment control, PLC programmable controller,
    photoelectrical identification,automatic check control and touch screen and many other advanced
    technologies. There is digital display function in the glue breaking function back and forth,mill back, glue
    breaking glue pot and covering adjustment in gluing in the back. The press track wheel has micro adjustment
    functions constantly, and the book acceptance structure is level method and protects the book back farming in
    better way. This machine not only uses lock line gluing packaging,but also unwiring gluing packaging,which
    is the deal equipment for the unwiring gluing packaging and wiring packaging in the printing factories of
    wide-range universities.
    GWBT50 4E Ellipse Glue-Binding Covering Machine