Performance of the machine:
    Carton Erecting Machine is a special forming machine to produce hamburger clamshell box, trays with/without lids, pizza
    box, food take-away box, French fry box and so on, made by cardboard paper and corrugated paper.

    Working principles / procedures:

    Paper be printed and die cut in advance according to different shapes, Carton erecting machine works with Blanks after
    printing and die cutting.

    Put blanks on the Feeder.

    Feeder delivers blanks through chain section to the forming tower.

    During this transportation process, blanks are glued; the position and quantity of glue could be adjusted during
    production, no need to stop the machine.

    Forming tower, blanks are shaped into trays, hamburger boxes or other required containers, finished products are
    delivered out to the collector.

    Finished products are collected, stacked, counted and marketd (with lab inserter device) automatically according to pre-
    set quantity.


    High efficiency, the highest production of L800 reaches 180 trays (or 120 clamshells, or 150 french fry boxes) per lane
    per minute. L1000/2A double the speed.

    Ability of producing different products by the same machine. Short time of changing required.

    Controlled by PLC and servo motor, ability of producing complicated boxes.

    Finished products are collected, stacked, counted and marked automatically.

    Small exterior size, small space required, easy installation and maintenance.

    Small power (9 KW only) needed, frequency conversion timing, high precision.

    Transmission system (gearing system) adopts box-style structure, excellent rigidity and stability; circular oil lubrication.

    High autoimmunization, easy operation and adjustment and maintenance.

    High quality and comparatively low price. Same performance, durability, production speed and finished products quality
    as Germany made machine.

    Technical Data:

    Nominal Output (single lane):
    4 corner Trays without lid max. 11,000 pcs/h
    Burger King french fry box max. 9,000 pcs/h
    Hamburger box (8 pasting) max. 7,000 pcs/h

    The output quantity mentioned above is under normal conditions. Actual output may vary on different box shape, quality
    of material, and its substance.

    Double lane machine has double production than single lane machine.

    Producible boxes sizes and suitable materials:

    L1350/3-A(three lanes)
    3000mm*2000mm*1500mm, net weight:2300kg,gross weight:2650kg
    1700mm*1350mm*900mm,net weight:250kg,gross weight:350kg
    Materials:cardboard:200-600gsm,corrugated paper:thickness≤1.5mm

    L1560/4-A (four lanes)
    2965mm*2110mm*1730mm,net weight:2300kg,gross weight:2550kg
    1910mm*1300mm*860mm,net weight:250kg,gross weight:350kg
    Materials:cardboard:200-600gsm,corrugated paper:thickness≤1.5mm

    Materials: Cardboard paper and one side PE coated paper (200-600GSM), corrugated paper with maximum thickness
    Also can produce containers made by aluminum foiled paper and two sides PE
    coated paper with optional Hot melt system.
    Special model is also available.