I. Application range

    GWM-1050D is a new model which adopted both water-based and thermal film laminated widely used in
    posters, books, booklets, drawings, boxes, handbags and etc,.

    II. Working Process

    III. Features of Each Unit

    1. Feeding Unit
          a. Feeding Unit ensures the Laminating process stability, time saving and increase productivity. It
    adopted high-quality pneumatic feeder to ensure high speed and stability.
          b. The platen overrun protection for up and down
          c. Pre-stacking mechanism, non-stop feeding.
          d.The length of overlap can be adjusted easily and quickly on touch screen. Feeder limited on the
    maximum and minimum size of sheet.

    2. Overlap Mechanism
    Overlap adopted double servo structure, the precision will be increased 50% than single servo.

    3. Powder Removal (Optional)
    Two kinds of rolling brush and hot pressing of powder removal structure is more compact than Model KMM-
    1050C as well as more reliable of transmission. Conveying platform use a single conveyor belt to ensure
    the paper without shift under the process of Powder Removal.

    4. Laminating Host
    Host mainly composed of heating roller (Φ320)and the pressure rubber roller(Φ250); hot pressing
    roller adopted temperature stability of smart thermostats roller, the speed of heating is 50% faster than the
    traditional way and it ensure temperature difference of heating roller surface is±1℃. It can completely
    eliminate uneven surface temperature, oil spills and other issues of the traditional oil heating system.
    Rubber roller adopted pressing cylinder control. The pressure of left and right sides can be adjusted
    separately as required. Total pressure of roller adjustable up to 12T.

    (1)The diameter of dry roller increase intoΦ800 and film drying process increase doubling, automatic
    temperature control of front and back ovens ensure  the drying effect of high-speed laminating.
    (2) Pneumatic off-type open structure, easy to operate and daily maintenance.
    (3) Film exchange assisted with lifting trolley, which can operate by one person.

    5. Separator
    Separator can be equipped with three knife system, Round rotary knife, perforating knife; For PET film can
    also be equipped with thermal knife. if the customer buy the device which is not installed thermal knife, the
    demand of installed can be satisfied by paid upgrades and give the  customers more humane choice.
    Separator removal the conveyor belt in order to prevent belt wear or other issues

    6. Stacker
    (1) Adopted pneumatic jogger mechanism, to ensure the collection of paper neatly.
    (2) Provided the sheet counter
    (3) Sensor turns down and adjusts air pressure of output paper automatically.
    (4) Automatic adopted the deceleration function of collection of paper at high speed.

    7. Smart thermostats roller
    Adopted particular roller through electromagnetic effects to make the surface of the metal elements of the
    collision heated, the temperature directly effect on the surface of laminating paper and film; Temperature
    probe is also on the roller surface, various parts of the electromagnetic will heating quickly to compensate
    for the loss of energy. Therefore it has direct heating and no need to physical heating, heating transfer as
    well as energy loss to achieve balanced complement of intelligent temperature effect(the patent)

    (1) Setting temperature and compensating temperature automatically. The temperature is constantly and
    fast heating speed.
    (2) The surface of roller adopted segment heating and the middle temperature will be compensated. No
    temperature difference, processed smooth and high quality. it resolve the phenomenon effectively, which
    the middle temperature of paper is 10℃ lower than both sides during laminating process. The wider format
    of paper, the bigger temperature difference. At present, 1220mm width of paper laminating adopted water
    / oil heating system can not reach the effect of temperature compensation.
    (3) Energy-saving 3-5 KW/h
    (4) No maintenance, no need to replace of water, oil.
    (5) Improve the processing speed of 10 to 15 meters effectively(the roller of ordinary water / oil due to
    temperature required to reduce the speed of operating.)

    8. Thermal knife (optional) Introduction

    (1) Features
    ™ Can cut PET and other specialty films smoothly.
    ™ Can cut two roll film.
    ™ Beautiful outward and compact structure no occupy many space
    ™ Strong stability and low failure
    ™ Fast speed and high efficiency
    ™ According to different products, there are three optional separation ways.
    ™ Select the top electrical configuration control system.
    ™ Simple to operate, easy to use
    Thermal knife separator with compact structure, Max width is 1050mm (Maximum size can be customized
    to 1220mm). No feeding belt in order to eliminate the phenomena of belt breakage and aging.
    Thermal knife heating power: 4kw and electric wire can be heated up to 500 ℃.
    The advantage of thermal knife: Suitable for all films, especially for PET film, aluminized, etc. The
    characteristic is high speed and precision of separations, no tail film and success to next process without
    increase labor as well as suitable for grade laminating package.
    ™ Reflex structure. (effect: to prevent paper bend)
    ™ Segmented double pneumatic paper pressure wheels(effect: to prevent to paper wrinkled)
    ™ Imported Switzerland high-precision laser probe.( Accurately detect the positioning to ensure high
    precision of separating).
    ™ Pneumatic perforated knife(effect: Film surface Perforated)
    ™ Round knife(effect: overlap film notch)
    ™ Electronically controlled thermal knife (effect: overlap film thermal knife roll cutting)
    ™ Main electrical control system; German Beckhoff servo motor, servo controller and motion controller.
    ™ conveyor roller full grooving design (effect: To ensure thin paper conveying smoothly)
    ™ Optional: water-cooled rollers(effect: reduce the paper temperature quickly to auxiliary separating)

    9. CPU replace PLC, For PLC only be set the fixed program running in different ways in advance but CPU
    can real-time computing, dynamic control with the motion controller can be adjusted automatically
    according to the equipment operation so that the operating of machine will be more stable; Meanwhile the
    stored capacity increased several thousands times and it can realize storage and retrieval of process plan
    to minimize the dependence of operating person.

    IV. Technical Parameters

    Model                                        KMM-1050D
    Max. sheet size                        1050(W)×820(L)mm
    Min. sheet size                         390(W)×320(L)㎜
    Paper weight                           100-450g/㎡
    Working speed                        Max Speed 80m/min (The machine speed depends on material, colors
                                                     and size of printing product)
    Total power                              75kw (different configuration, different power)

    V.  Product characteristics

    1. Especially Spray cover makes the appearance more pleasant and elegant.
    2. Feeding Unit adopted Feeder pneumatic feeding can guarantee stable and efficient feeding.
    3. Device adopted servo-controlled overlap ensure more accurate and stable.
    4. Feeding panels adopted imported stainless steel corrugated board.
    5. Heating roller adopted electromagnetic heating system ensure uniform temperature and achieve high
    quality of laminating requirements.
    6. Electrical adopted high safe of German Beckhoff centralized control system.
    7. The auxiliary trolley of film exchange mechanism makes film exchanged easily and quickly, it can
    achieve a single person to operate independently.
    8. Separating Unit equipped with thermal knife can satisfy the needs of a variety of Laminator Separating.
    .9. Tension control system integrated in separating unit.
    10. Whole machine adopted three to six servo motor controls which imported from Germany.