A): Function part
    Control operation part
    1. Memory reset: During the working process, if the machine needs to wipe and change the plate, it can automatically
    restore to the original position after the machine closed.
    2. Controlled anilox roller lift: When a group of temporary does not require printing, the machine can control this group
    anilox roll not decline, and thus there is no need to clean the ink roller.
    3. Position reset: The machine can reset the plate position, the location of the using plate can be once in place, testing
    printing two can correct place in general.
    4. Main electric motor picture display vehicle speed, paper feed, even paper, separate pieces etc.
    5. Screen display display order set number and actual production number, machine stop feeding after working quota
    complete and anilox roller will separate from printing plate automatically
    6. Order preset function: According to the requirement of the order you can enter the dataof box length, width, height
    quantity etc. on screento adjust the charater of box,and Intelligent restored nearby.(max restored order: 999).
    Data include:
    Each printing position
    Slotting position
    Box height position
    Box length and width
    Paper height and width
    The machine can intelligent restored nearby after enter, don’t need stop machine.
    Data storage: When the data of processing is correct, it can autosave the data.

    B): Configuration part
    Feeding unit (1 group)
    Feeding unit precision: ± 1.0 mm
    1.Machine clutch
    1)Motor set on-off alarm and continuous alarm in progressing to ensure personnel safety.
    2) Between every landline station equipped with emergency stop switch, machine can be internal controlled to stop
    moving to ensure the security of the internal staff.
    3) Total machine locking
    2. Dust removal system
    1) Equipped with brush to eliminate dust on the printing surface and improve the printing quality..
    2) Equipped with static electricity system.
    3. Convey roller
    1) The diameter of the upper roller is 141.9mm. (According to the models given)
    2) Seamless pipe, wrapped in wear-resistant rubber, and to do the balancing correction.
    3) The diameter of the lower roller is 172mm, embossed hard chrome plating.
    4) The gap scale adjusted through the worm,l the adjustment range of 0-12mm.
    aluminium alloy surface
    4. Automatic feeding operation control
    1) Left baffle, right baffle and push baffle adjusted by electric adjustment.
    2)Back baffle manual adjust.
    3)With counting stop system, foot pedal extended to 900 mm and the Printing unit (1color/set) (optional ceramic anilox
    Printing precision: ±0.5mm(reset precision: ±0.15mm
    1.Printing roller
    1) OD is 376mm/390mm(According to the model given).
    2) Surface is grinded and hard chrome.
    3) Treated with dynamic and static balance calibration.
    4) Fixed ratchet wheel roller.
    5) Adopt plate-hanging device, easy to install, suitable for 10mm hanging lath.
    6) Press plate is fixed or removed by step switch electrical control over clockwise and anticlockwise revolving.
    2. Printing platen roller
    1) OD is 172mm.
    2) Surface is grinded and hard chrome.
    3) Treated with dynamic and static balance calibration.
    4) Gap is manually adjusted, range: 0-12mm.
    3. Anilox roller
    1) OD is 198mm. (According to the model given)
    2) Steel pipe carved textured surface after special processing.
    3) Line outlets, inking uniform and durable.
    4) Sculptured by special processing techniques that can prolong the life of the plate roller and rubber roller.
    5)Manual adjust the pressure between anilox roller and printing plate, adjustment range:3.5-8mm.
    4. Rubber roller
    1) OD is 178 mm.
    2) Wrapped with corrosion-resistant rubber.
    3) Using special grinding and the effect of the ink transfer is good.
    4) Manual adjust the pressure between anilox roller and rubber roll, adjustment range:0-5mm.
    5. Planet gear structure
    1) Planetary gear construction
    2) Digital display phase instructions to make the operation more convenient, intuitive, accurate.
    3) Using electric digital 360 degrees adjustment (running, stop evenly adjustable). Phase modulation accuracy up to 0.15
    4) Printing roller adjust phase by electric, dynamic and static under any position adjustment. Location can be reset if
    found location displaced after moving, accuracy up to 0.5mm.
    5)Adsorb feeding system
    6. Ink circulation system
    1) Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, easy to operate and maintain.
    2) Membrane pump equipped save ink device , can save the ink effectively
    3) Equipped with lack ink alarm system.
    Slotting unit
    slotting precision:±1.0 mm
    1. Creasing roller
    1) Diameter is 115mm(According to the model given), twice grinding processing, hard chromed and grinded, moving
    2) Gap is manually adjusted, range: 0-12mm.
    3) Upper wheel made of high quality imported polyurethane.
    2. Slotting knife rest transverse adjusting mechanism
    1) Diameter is 154mm, twice grinding processing, hard chromed and grinded, moving stable.
    2) Width is 7mm.
    3) Alloy tool steel material with indent heat treatment, hardness and toughness is superb.
    4) Alloy steel by heat treatment with grinding trimming knife, sharp knife and high precision.
    5) Creasing roller, convey roller and slotting knife rest transverse, which use of central control system enter data.
    6) Equipped with intelligent photoelectric. When the upper knife enter the lower knife groove, the knife plate can move
    effectively so that can prevent the wear caused by the blade in abnormal operation.
    3. Slotting phase adjusting mechanism
    1) Planet gear structure.
    2) Height and slotting: central control system enter data(360-degree operation, stop, both positive and negative can be
    3)5 knife move.
    Die-cutting unit
    Die-cutting precision:±1.0 mm
    1)The template roller and urethane roller reduce the machine no-load load by eccentric cylinder device shaft gear
    disengaged at the same time to extend the life of urethane roller and die cutter.
    2)The planet structure phase adjustment, 360-degree operation, stop, both positive and negative can be operated,
    phase modulation accuracy of up to ± 0.15mm convenient to operate.
    3)Digital display phase instructions to make the operation more convenient, intuitive, accurate.
    4)Urethane roller mechanical drive and move around 30 mm, with the radial differential device, can greatly improve the
    life of the rubber roller by wearing evenly distributed.
    5)Machinery equipped with urethane correction device that can be repeatedly amended.
    6)Equipping stripping device with belt conveyors
    2.Template roller
    1)360mm(not include blade)
    2)Alloy steel seamless tube grinding, hard chrome plating.
    3)Fixed template screw hole spacing, axial 100mm: Radial 18mm aliquot.
    4)Applicable die cutter height 25.4mm.
    5)The die cutter planks thickness: 16mm(three paperboard)
    15mm(five paperboard)
    6) Template stick can be moved axially for 20 mm, and more convenient to the plate.
    3. Rubber mat roller
    1) 389mm
    2) Alloy steel seamless tube grinding, hard chrome plating.
    3) Urethane roller thickness is 10mm, width is 250mm 8000000 times available in general.
    4) Urethane roller equipped with differential speed compensation, using a rubber roller and template roller always
    automatically maintain line speed, correcting die-cutting error effectively. Service life is improved greatly so that each
    batch of products geometry values is consistent and reducing replacement costs every time.

    Delivery unit
    1.Splicing arm
    1)Manual and automatic operation
    2)Drive belt splicing arm individually adjust the tightness, and can be arbitrarily chosen quantity of splicers arm.
    2.Platform lift
    1)Powerful chain drive
    2)The stacking height is 1800mm
    3)The bed platform lift drive motor equipped with brake function to maintain a fixed position that will not decline.
    3. Splicing baffle
    1) Pneumatic motived, the collection plate are automatically stretched to hold cardboard when the cardboards are
    stacked up to the reserve height.
    2) The position of rear baffle can be manual adjusted.
    3) Plane wrinkles belt, to prevent the cardboard decline.
    Drive gear
    1 Main drive gear.
    1) Adopt 20CrMnTi alley steel, carburizing, grinding gears.
    2) Six level (at the same level with the auto gearbox gear), running smoothly noise, hardness HRC58-62 long-life, basic
    does not wear out in less than 10 years, can achieve long-term printing registration accuracy.
    2. Key link
    1) Adopt the key link, can make the shaft and gear connecting, there is no gap in the large torque is used, installation
    and maintenance more convenient, make the machine in a high driving accuracy during long-term using, ensure the
    registration accurate.